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Wax Appointment

About the treatment

I offer a range of services to satisfy all your waxing needs using both warm and hot wax. For hot wax treatments I use Lycon Precision Wax. Lycon is different to most hot wax system because a micro-oil is applied to the skin first which stops the wax from adhering to the skin. The wax only adheres to hairs hence reducing the pain felt by most waxes by 50%. This makes it an ideal wax system for sensitive areas such as under arms, face and bikini.

For other areas of the body I use a creamy warm wax specially formulated for sensitive skin. Containing plant extracts as well as essential oil, it leaves the skin smooth and non sticky whilst removing the shortest hairs.

Facial waxing

Lip £10

Chin £10

Eyebrows £10

Body waxing

Half leg £30

Full leg £40

Half arm £30

Full arm £40

Underarm £20

Bikini waxing

Standard Bikini £20

Extended Bikini £20

Brazilian £40​

Hollywood £40

Male waxing

Full back £45

Chest & tummy £45

All above £80

Lycon Waxing St Albans
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